Nature treasure hunt

  • Two young women walking in the woods


Use a treasure hunt to help you appreciate God’s creations.


Plan an activity where you learn about specific vegetation, animal life, or geological formations found in or around your area. You could invite a knowledgeable consultant to help you identify and learn about these items. Then create a list that includes specific types of rocks, animals, and plants that you have learned about (for example, if you live in Indonesia, your list could include orchids, sandalwood, monkeys, butterflies, or igneous and limestone rocks). Form small groups of young women and give each group a copy of the list. Each group should explore the area to find one of each item on the list. Make sure not to disturb the natural beauty of your area—leave all plants, animals, and rocks undisturbed. (You may want to learn how to identify local poisonous plants and animals in a preparatory activity.) Draw pictures or take photographs of what you see.

When all groups are finished, gather together and talk about what you saw. Discuss the beauty and function of each item on the list. You may want to read in the scriptures about the Creation story or other teachings about God’s creations (for example, see Matthew 6:28–30) so that you can learn about and appreciate Heavenly Father’s work and His love for His children.

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