Music at camp

  • Young women singing


Develop and share your talents through music.


Plan to have music as part of your camp. Before camp, learn a song that you could teach or prepare a musical number that you could perform. You can use traditional songs or create new ones. If you want to perform Young Women camp songs or music associated with the annual theme, you can find it on You could bring a musical instrument to camp to help with the music.

You may want to plan a music night, when you can share uplifting music by singing or playing instruments. The young women could participate in small groups or individually. Make sure that each young woman has a chance to participate if she wants to.

Be sure to check the lyrics of any selected songs beforehand to make sure they do not offend the Spirit or show disrespect for any individuals or group of people. Any music that is shared (whether in audio or print) should comply with copyright laws.

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