Church trivia dots

  • Young woman raising her hand


Play a game to test your knowledge of Church trivia.


Plan an activity to test your knowledge of the gospel and Church history. Before the activity, an adult leader should write a list of questions and answers about Church history and the gospel. The answers should be found in the scriptures, For the Strength of Youth, and True to the Faith. For example, you might ask, “What person appeared to Joseph Smith three times in his room during one night?” The answer is Moroni. Write the answers to the questions on paper plates or plain pieces of paper. On the same paper plates or papers, draw colored dots. Then spread out the dots on the ground or floor.

Divide the young women into two groups. An adult leader should read one of the questions on the list. One young woman from each group should then race to find the dot with the correct answer to the question. Once the young woman finds the answer, she stands on the dot. She stays there until the game ends. The other young woman has to return to her team. The winning team is the one that has more team members standing on dots by the end of the game. Make sure each young woman has a chance to participate.

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