Preparatory meetings

  • Young and old women in a meeting


Help get the young women and their parents excited about camp.


Plan a fun preparatory activity that involves the young women, their parents, and camp leaders. Your activity could include several stations that will help everyone accomplish the necessary camp preparations.

Parents’ station: Have a station or booth where the parents of the young women can learn about the schedule, activities, and purpose of Young Women camp. Give them the chance to fill out and sign the appropriate registration and medical forms. Let the parents know beforehand what information (such as immunization dates and records) they will need to complete these forms.

Young women and youth camp leaders’ station: Plan for a station or booth where the young women and youth camp leaders gather to discuss assignments, plan meals, delegate responsibilities, and gain skills. You could memorize the camp theme, learn songs, or play team-building games. If your camp will include outdoor, physical activities, you may want to put together a physical fitness plan that will help each young woman prepare to enjoy these activities. You could also use this time to prepare equipment that you will use at camp, such as a mess kit.

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