Menu planning

  • Young women cooking


Develop a menu for the meals at Young Women camp.


Hold a few activities where you plan for camp meals. You will need information on where you will hold Young Women camp and the cooking equipment and facilities that will be available to you. You could invite a cook in your ward or community to help you with these activities. Make sure you create a reasonable budget, plan easy meals that are appropriate for your camp location, purchase the food, and safely store and transport the food. The meals at camp should be healthy and inexpensive. You may need to make a list of ingredients, price these ingredients at the grocery store, and make changes to your menu if the price for the food exceeds your budget.

Menu planning could take several activities. During one activity, for example, you could divide into groups and plan meals for the different days you will be at camp. You could use another activity to purchase the food at the local grocery store.

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