Scuba diving and snorkeling

  • Scuba gear


Learn about and experience scuba diving and snorkeling.


Plan a series of activities that will help you learn how to scuba dive or snorkel. These activities could span a number of weeks. You may want to plan a final activity—such as a supervised dive in a pool—after you have learned these skills.

Make sure to get a physical examination from your health care provider and a signed permission slip from your parents or guardians before doing the following activities. For more information, research and contact local diving shops. All young women will need access to scuba equipment for these some of these activities.

  • Introduction to scuba diving and snorkeling. Invite a certified dive instructor from your Church unit or community to use pictures, videos, and stories to introduce scuba diving and snorkeling to the young women. Learn about scuba and snorkeling equipment. Under the supervision of the instructor, try the equipment on and become familiar with it.
  • Physical fitness. Develop a physical fitness plan and hold a series of activities that will help you improve your physical fitness and lung efficiency. You could test yourself by swimming in colder waters to see how your breathing changes.
  • First aid. Learn first aid for diving injuries and emergencies. Become familiar with diving safety equipment and emergency procedures.
  • Aquatic life. Explore and learn about the local aquatic life that live in a nearby water resource. Learn how to identify different types of fish, plants, and shore life.
  • Service project. Plan and complete a service project to safely clean up a nearby river, lake, beach, or other local water resource.
  • Practice dive. Under the guidance of a dive instructor, use scuba gear to take a short dive in a nearby pool.
  • Snorkeling. Go snorkeling in a nearby water resource, if possible. Try to identify the local fish, plants, or shore life that you come across.
  • Longer dive. If possible, you and the other young women in your class could complete your scuba certification and plan for a longer dive in a nearby water resource. Be mindful of the potential cost for this activity.

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