Healthy lifelong habits

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Build a healthy lifestyle using proper nutrition and exercise.


Plan a series of activities over a period of three to six months to help the young women learn the habits of a healthy lifestyle. Consider inviting someone with knowledge and experience from your branch, ward, or community to help you with some of these activities. You could plan a final activity at Young Women camp that includes planning and preparing nutritious meals and participating in strenuous exercise. Your final activity could also be outside Young Women camp, such as participating in a race or triathlon.

Following are some ideas for activities that can help you develop these healthy habits.

General health:

  • Learn about the elements of good health. Develop a plan as a class to establish good habits and maintain or improve your health.
  • For 12 weeks, keep track of and limit the amount of time you spend playing video, phone, or computer games or watching TV or movies.
  • Invite a medical professional or knowledgeable consultant to teach the young women about the benefits of sleep. If necessary, help the young women make plans to get enough sleep.
  • Plan, organize, and lead a healthy living challenge for your Young Women class. This challenge could include eating nutritious meals or improving physical skills.

Physical activity and healthy eating habits:

  • Lead a sports night or fitness activity where the young women can learn new skills.
  • Learn about and apply the principles of regular exercise. Record your eating, exercise, and other physical activities for at least 12 weeks.
  • Invite a dietitian to teach your class about healthy eating portions and habits. Develop a plan to improve your nutrition.
  • Compile a list and description of hiking trails, bike paths, and other exercise resources in your community. Use some of these resources to help you develop a habit of regular physical activity.
  • Organize a fitness activity, such as a 5-mile (8-km) run, triathlon, or bike ride. Observe all safety precautions for the activity.
  • Lead a hike for your class.
  • Invite a medical professional or other expert to teach your class about eating disorders or other unhealthy eating habits. Make a plan to develop healthy eating habits in your own life.

Substance abuse awareness:

  • Learn about substance abuse and other addictions and how to avoid and overcome them. Invite an expert to teach your class the principles of addiction recovery.
  • Join a community campaign and volunteer to distribute information on the harmful effects of tobacco, drugs, or drunk driving.

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