• Young woman riding a bike


Learn about and participate in long-distance cycling.


Organize a series of activities that will help you prepare for and participate in a one- or two-day cycling trip. These activities could take place over a number of weeks. Consider inviting a cyclist from your Church unit or community to help with some of the activities, and make sure to stay safe.

For each activity, consider including a devotional to invite the influence of the Holy Ghost. You could invite a young woman in your class to share an experience, bear testimony, or lead a discussion about a doctrine before the activity begins. For some of the following suggested activities, each young woman will need to have access to a bicycle.

  • Introduction to cycling. Invite an expert from your Church unit or community to use pictures, videos, and stories to introduce cycling to the young women. Research and explore nearby areas and trails where you could practice cycling.
  • Clothing and technique. Learn about suitable clothing to wear when cycling, such as brightly colored, reflective clothing. In low-light conditions, use lights on the front and back of your bike to make you visible from all directions. Invite an expert to teach the young women about good cycling posture and how to shift gears. Practice what you learn.
  • Bicycle maintenance. Invite an expert to teach you how to maintain a bicycle, including cleaning the bike chain, checking brakes, patching and repairing tires, and so on. Make sure each young woman has an opportunity to practice bicycle maintenance.
  • Hand signals and communication. Learn cycling hand signals and vocal commands that will help you communicate with other vehicles on the road. Always ride in the direction of traffic and stay on the side of the road.
  • First aid and safety precautions. Ask an experienced cyclist to teach you about the common dangers of cycling and how to stay safe. Always wear a helmet while cycling. You should also learn the rules for cycling in your country and community. Practice first aid skills for cycling injuries.
  • Personal fitness program. Develop and implement a personal fitness program as a Young Women class. This program should take a number of weeks and help each young woman prepare for the cycling trip.
  • Practice bicycle ride and conditioning. Go on a ride together, and practice what you have learned about cycling—posture, braking, shifting gears, hand signals, and being safe. You could choose a local bicycle route that you and the other young women can ride in less than two hours. Enjoy the bicycle ride together, and make sure nobody is left behind.
  • Cycling routes and navigation. As a class, learn how to read and understand a topographic map. Study the cycling routes available near you and plan a trip on one of those routes.
  • Trip planning and preparation. With your adult leaders, plan the details and timing of your one- or two-day cycling trip. Be sure to make plans for food, transportation, safety, shelter, and equipment. Communicate with your parents about your plans and schedule. Enjoy a safe trip with the young women in your class, and use the skills you have learned. Plan for a longer devotional that will strengthen the testimonies of your Young Women class.

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