Working with others to resolve conflicts

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Learn how to resolve conflicts in your personal relationships.


Plan an event where you learn about resolving conflicts. You may want to invite adult leaders from your ward or stake to be on a question-and-answer panel. Invite the youth to write down the questions they have about how to deal with different kinds of conflict. (You may ask that the questions be turned in before the event so that you can be sure they are OK to ask in front of the whole group.)

As part of the panel discussion, you may want to discuss how to recognize behaviors that cause conflict, such as criticism, defensiveness, contempt, and withdrawal. How can you overcome these behaviors and learn to take responsibility for your feelings? You may also want to have activities that will help you learn various conflict resolution tactics, such as using a “talking stick” to take turns speaking or giving each person in a conflict only five minutes to talk.

Before this activity, you may want to prepare a list of possible situations where a conflict could occur. Write these situations on small slips of paper and place them in a paper bag. After you have finished the panel discussion, divide the youth into groups of two. Have each group draw a slip of paper and role-play ways they might resolve the conflict. At the end of the activity, invite the groups to share what they learned.

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