Evening programs

  • Young women singing by the light of flashlights


Develop friendships and strengthen your talents through evening programs.


Hold evening programs at camp that will allow you to develop friendships and talents. If you are participating in an outdoor camp, these evening programs could occur around the campfire and could involve cooking a simple treat or meal over the fire (be sure to extinguish the fire completely when you’re finished). These programs should involve all the young women, either individually, in small groups, or as one large group. You could sing songs, play group games, share a spiritual thought, or discuss uplifting experiences from that day at camp. You may also want to invite speakers—such as the Young Women president, an adult camp leader, or the patriarch in your area—to speak on the camp theme. The young women could also use this time to develop their talents by playing musical instruments, storytelling, singing, dancing, or participating in a dramatization.

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