Water purification

  • water bottles


Learn how to purify water.


Plan an activity where you learn the different methods for water purification. You will need to collect some undrinkable water, such as water from a stream or lake. Invite someone with knowledge and experience to help you with the following methods for water purification:

  • Strain the water first if it has a lot of debris in it.
  • Use a filter to pump water directly from the source (note that no filter is perfect at removing herbicides and pesticides).
  • Boil the water.
  • Use iodine tablets or a few drops of chlorine bleach.

After you have purified the water with the different methods, test the water to see how it tastes and to find out what method you like best. Some methods may remove only certain types of contaminants or pathogens.

Depending on where you hold Young Women camp, you may need to make plans to purify water. Make sure you understand how to keep the water in your local resources clean. Use only biodegradable soaps, and do not dump soapy water into lakes or streams. You may also need to allocate some money in your budget to allow you to buy water for the camp.

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