Food safety

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Learn how to prepare and handle food to prevent food poisoning.


Plan an activity that will help you learn how to prepare a meal safely and avoid food poisoning or illness. You may need to invite someone with knowledge and experience to help you with this activity. Make sure you learn the basics of selecting, storing, cooking, thawing, serving, and refreezing various types of food—especially meats or seafood, if they are part of your diet. You may want to learn about the common causes and prevention of food-borne illnesses, including salmonella, botulism, and E. coli. Understand how to keep perishable foods cold, especially when the food contains ingredients where bacteria multiply rapidly, such as in dairy dishes. You may want to explore how to keep food cold in emergency situations, when you will not have access to refrigerators or freezers.

For your activity, you could prepare a simple meal as a group while practicing good sanitation and food safety techniques. You could enjoy your meal together or serve the meal to those in need. Some good food sanitation practices include:

  • Always washing your hands and work areas before preparing food and after handling meats.
  • Not allowing people to handle food if they are sick or have skin infections or cuts on their hands or arms.
  • Keeping the preparation and serving areas clean and uncluttered.
  • Using clean utensils for preparing and storing food.
  • Covering food between meals to protect it from dust and flies.

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