Create and learn to use an LDS Account

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Create an LDS Account and learn what you can do with it.


Go to your local family history center or a place that has multiple computers with an Internet connection. Invite someone who has experience with to teach the youth how to set up their own LDS Account. You might want your ward clerk to attend to help the youth obtain their membership record number (MRN), which is required to create an account. Set up several booths or stations and divide the youth so that they can rotate among the stations. The stations could teach the youth any of the following things:

  • Learn how to download and navigate the Gospel Library app to study scriptures and other Church publications. Learn how to link materials, bookmark, highlight, and make notes as you study. You could also learn how to create custom collections of your favorite materials.
  • Use your LDS Account to access your family history charts, create your family tree, and prepare family names for temple work. Visit Make sure you learn how to print out ordinance requests.
  • Participate in FamilySearch indexing to help a lot of people find their ancestors much easier. Learn about how digitizing records speeds up the process of doing family history research.
  • Sync your online calendar (Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, or iCal-compatible calendar) with your ward and stake calendar so that you can be aware of upcoming activities. You could also use the calendar feature on the Youth Activities site to help you plan and schedule Mutual activities.
  • Learn how to download and navigate the LDS Tools app so that you can access ward and stake directories.
  • Work on and track your progress with Duty to God or Personal Progress. You can record journal entries, make plans, and check off requirements.
  • Request a copy of your patriarchal blessing or request copies of the blessings of your ancestors.

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