Learn a new sport

  • Youth playing soccer


Strengthen relationships and exercise while participating in friendly competition.


Invite a youth to teach the others about a sport that is new to the youth in your stake or teach skills for improvement in a familiar sport. Consider inviting less-active youth and friends who are not members of our faith to participate. Use some of the ideas below, or come up with your own. If necessary, adapt the games so that youth of all skill levels can participate. Consider how you can relate teamwork and having fun to maintaining balance in life (see Luke 2:52). Consider ways to keep a spirit of friendship even in a competitive scenario.

  • Divide the youth into teams of three and hold a sprint distance triathlon, with different youth participating in each leg of the race.
  • Play soccer while crawling on hands and feet (with the chest facing upward).
  • Play volleyball with water balloons. Youth divide into pairs, and each pair holds a towel by the corners to throw a water balloon over the net, where another pair tries to catch it in their towel.
  • Have a relay race, and think of creative ways to make the race more challenging. For example, the youth could race with a balloon between their knees, balancing an egg on a spoon, crawling backwards, and so on.
  • Play a tug-of-war. Divide into two teams. Each team holds one end of a long rope and tries to pull the other team past a designated point.

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