Outdoor camping

  • Marshmallows roasting over a fire


Strengthen relationships, have fun, and learn skills in an outdoor setting.


Plan and carry out an overnight camping trip (this could be more than one night). Invite the youth to lead the planning—location, meals, activities, equipment, spiritual experiences, and so on. During the campout, help the youth learn a new skill (such as fire safety, fishing, outdoor survival, and so on). Include activities that are fun and spiritual. For Church policies on overnight activities, see Handbook 2, 13.6.12.

Consider helping the youth prepare for the camping trip by teaching them basic camping skills before you leave. Ideas could include:

  • How to build a safe cooking fire.
  • How to set up and take down a tent.
  • How to prepare and cook food in the outdoors.
  • Basic first aid.
  • How to stay safe in the outdoors (buddy system, what to do if you get lost, and so on).
  • Appropriate clothing for climate and environment.
  • How to respect the environment and wildlife.

If applicable, let the youth practice these skills in a friendly competition. For example, you could divide the youth into  groups and see who can set up their tent the fastest or hold a Mutual activity in which the young men and young women cook for each other in the outdoors.

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