• Young men fishing at a lake


Learn to enjoy physical activity and draw nearer to the Lord as you appreciate the beauty of His creations.


Organize a series of activities to prepare for a safe and exciting fishing trip. These activities could span a number of weeks. A quorum or class member and a knowledgeable consultant from the ward, stake, or community could lead the activities. For each activity, consider including something to invite the influence of the Holy Ghost. For example, you could invite a member to share an experience, bear testimony, or teach a doctrine before the activity begins.

  • Introduction to fishing. Learn about appropriate fishing gear and clothing. Also learn or review any first aid that relates to fishing.
  • Catching and cooking fish. Learn about methods of locating fish and how to prepare a fishing pole and line. Practice tying knots and casting. Learn how to set a hook and clean and cook a fish.
  • Trip plan and packing list. As a group, develop a detailed trip plan, including a purpose statement, a full itinerary, emergency contact information, and maps. Prepare a packing list. Also prepare for devotionals and plan time for individuals to pray and study the scriptures.
  • Fishing trip. Go on the trip. Use the skills learned in the lead-up activities.

If your trip will include an overnight activity, review the guidelines in Handbook 2, 13.6.12.

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