Fire safety

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Learn safe methods for building and caring for a fire.


Plan an outdoor activity, such as a day hike or overnight campout. Make sure to check fire restrictions in your chosen area beforehand.

1.   Select a safe location to build a fire. This location should be cleared of all flammable material.

2.   Fill a large bucket with water, and keep it nearby to douse the fire if needed.

3.   Do not use any accelerant to start the fire (such as gasoline, lighter fluid, and so on).

4.   Do not allow anyone to play with the fire.

5.   Maintain the fire at a controlled level.

6.   Never leave the fire unattended.

7.   Use the following method to extinguish the fire:

      a.   Carefully drown the fire with water.

      b.   Stir and dig the fire with a shovel or stick.

      c.   Drown the fire again with more water.

      d.   Repeat until all flames and embers are extinguished.

Conclude with a discussion about how this activity relates to our temporal and spiritual lives.

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