Standards games

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Use fun ways to learn how to explain the Lord’s standards to others.


Play one of the following games to help the youth learn how to explain their standards to others:

  • Ahead of time, prepare cards with topics from For the Strength of Youth on them. Below each topic, list words related to that topic (for “Entertainment and Media,” you might list, “television,” “computer,” “watch,” “video,” or “movie”). Divide the youth into teams. Have a player from each team give clues to his or her team to guess the topic without the player using any of the words on the card. If the team guesses the topic in a certain amount of time, have the team member who guessed correctly use the words on the card to role-play how he or she would share the Lord’s standards on that topic with a friend (you might want to provide a situation in which the standards are being questioned). If the team doesn’t guess the topic in the required time, have the person who was giving the clues role-play using the words on the card to explain the Lord’s standards with a friend.
  • Write on a piece of paper several of our standards (Word of Wisdom, Sabbath day, law of chastity, tithing, and so on) and place them in a bowl. Divide the youth up into teams. Have each team randomly select a standard from the bowl. Give them about five minutes to discuss how they can best explain and teach the standard they chose to a peer. After the teams have discussed their chosen standards, choose members of each team to represent their group in role-playing a situation in which they must explain their standard to a peer with questions. Repeat the discussions and role-playing for a few rounds.
  • Have youth bring a small sample of food that can be used to represent a standard from For the Strength of Youth, such as a fruit with a peel representing modest dress. Have the youth present their examples and give mini-lessons about the standards they relate to. Ask them to tell a personal story about an experience they have had with that standard.

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