Sharing what we learn

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Share with others the principles we learn on Sunday and strengthen our own testimonies of those principles.


Make a list of people in the ward or branch who would benefit from a visit and a brief spiritual message. The list may include less-active quorum or class members, recent converts, elderly individuals, and families. Organize the quorum or class into groups of two or three, and assign each group to visit someone on the list and share a message about something they have learned in a recent Aaronic Priesthood quorum meeting, Young Women class, or Sunday School class. Give the groups time to prepare their messages, which could include hymns, scriptures, quotations from general conference addresses, Church videos, and other Church resources. Ensure that the youth make appointments for the visits—if possible, on a Mutual night. Ask the youth to gather after their visits to reflect on their experiences. This could happen at the end of the activity night, during a future activity, or during a future class or quorum meeting.

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