Face to Face with the Piano Guys


Youth will understand that they are not alone, feel connected with other youth from around the world, and know that they are part of a great cause.


Watch the video of a worldwide activity featuring a two-way conversation with the Piano Guys. Youth around the world asked the Piano Guys questions before and during the event. All youth are encouraged to invite their friends and family to watch.

About the Piano Guys

The Piano Guys are a musical group consisting of Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Paul Anderson, and Al van der Beek. They say they’re just bunch of ordinary guys who came together with the same intrinsic purpose: to make a positive impact in the lives of people all over the world through music videos. They became a YouTube sensation with more than 745 million total views. The Piano Guys know their talents are gifts from Heavenly Father and love sharing them with others, especially when it means using their instruments to be instruments in the Lord’s hands.

How can we watch the event?

Youth can watch the video on this page and on the LDS Youth YouTube channel. This event can be watched as part of a Mutual activity, or youth can participate with their friends or family at home.

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