Service for Mother’s Day


Build and express appreciation for mothers.


Watch together a video about mothers, such as “It Was Mom” (see above), “To Every Mother,” “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!” or “Motherhood: An Eternal Partnership with God.” Share with each other what your mothers mean to you. As a quorum or class, plan and carry out an act of service to show gratitude for mothers in your ward or branch. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a scrapbook with images and messages that express your gratitude for your mothers.
  • Make a video where you tell your mothers how much you love them. Invite your mothers to come watch the video with you.
  • Plant a small garden for a mother in the ward or branch.
  • Volunteer to help a few mothers in the ward or branch by taking care of their children for an evening.
  • Prepare a special dinner honoring mothers, and invite several mothers from the ward or community. Present awards to each one who attends, honoring her service as a mother.
  • Invite your moms to attend Mutual and play a sport or game with you.
  • Learn a song honoring mothers that you could sing during sacrament meeting on Mother’s Day.
  • Hold a competition among the youth to see who can complete the most household chores for their mothers in a week.

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