Grow your own garden

  • Young men with gardening tools


Acquire basic gardening skills, and understand the role your food plays in your physical health.


Plan a series of activities where you and your team plant and maintain an individual or team garden. If possible, you could also raise chickens or other animals for meat. These activities should be planned by various team members and chosen from the following five fields of emphasis. You should also choose and plan a culminating activity—such as entering produce into your county fair—from one of the fields of emphasis. In ideal circumstances, this series of activities should be completed over a three-month period.

Fields of emphasis

Personal development

  • Visit a local farm and discuss the crops that grow best in your local environment, how to cultivate soil, and the annual cycle for planting and harvesting.
  • Learn how to preserve fruits and vegetables by drying or canning them.
  • Learn about the poultry, cattle, or dairy industries.


  • Plan a service project at a local farm, nursery, or botanical garden.
  • Hold a food drive for your local food bank.
  • Assist elderly people or families in need with the maintenance of their yard or garden.
  • Donate the food that your garden produces to needy families in your community.

High adventure

  • Plant and maintain a garden until the food is ready to harvest. After you harvest your food, prepare a meal that uses the items grown in your garden.
  • Participate in a city, county, or state fair by entering your produce in the competition.

Special programs and events

  • Visit a local agricultural college, nursery, botanical garden, or arboretum.
  • Visit a local grocery store, and learn how produce moves from the farm to the grocery store.
  • Grow a giant pumpkin, and enter it in a weight competition.


  • Gardening merit badge
  • Sustainability merit badge

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