Computers and gaming

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Learn how to work with computers and networks and how video games are developed and function.


Plan a series of activities to help you learn how to work with computers and networks and how to develop video games. These activities should be planned by various team members and chosen from the following five fields of emphasis. You should also choose and plan a culminating activity—such as programming and publishing an app for your team—from one of the fields of emphasis. Make sure to include a discussion on how to make good choices about your media use in these activities.

Personal development

  • Use the guidelines in For the Strength of Youth to plan a discussion or fireside on the appropriate uses of entertainment and media. Specifically discuss the game rating system and what material is considered inappropriate.
  • Invite a computer science professional to teach your team about the employment opportunities and required education for that field. Take a tour of a facility where computer programming is done.
  • Invite someone who has published an app to discuss the process for designing, programming, and testing an app.
  • Invite an addiction counselor to teach your team about how to recognize and overcome video and computer game addictions.


  • Organize or participate in an electronics recycling drive for your community.

High adventure and sports

  • Organize a multi-player gaming tournament using an appropriate video game. Consider inviting another team to participate in the tournament.

Special programs and events

  • Visit a business or take a tour of a facility that is focused on information technologies to learn about career options in the computer industry.
  • As a team, design, program, and publish a simple app. Show the app at a court of honor or pack meeting.
  • Visit a local college or university to learn about computer science. Consider taking a few courses in computer science.


  • Digital technology merit badge
  • Game design merit badge (focus on video gaming)

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