Be prepared

  • Boy scouts with leader


Help the young men get prepared to have a successful camping experience.


Organize a series of activities to prepare young men for a campout. These activities could span a number of months.

  • Knot-tying. Go through a series of activities (such as a relay or competition) to teach and practice tying knots.
  • Camp basics. Learn and practice how to pitch a tent and gain an understanding of “leave no trace” camping.
  • Orienteering. Learn topographic map reading skills, how to use a compass, and what to do if lost in the outdoors. Consider completing an orienteering course.
  • First aid. Practice safety and first aid skills, such as how to deal with blisters, sprains, and other minor injuries; recognizing and avoiding poisoning plants; CPR; and so on.
  • Camp cooking. Learn about transport, fuel, and safety in using a camp stove or cooking over a fire. Practice making a meal in an outdoor setting.
  • Campout. Apply the skills learned on an overnight campout. Complete requirements to fulfill merit badges or rank advancements.

For detailed direction on these activities, see Troop Program Features Volumes I–III.

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