Principles of Peace


Strengthen your faith in the Savior by learning and sharing principles of peace from the #PrinceofPeace.


Either before or during your activity, watch the “Prince of Peace” video above and/or the “Principles of Peace” videos. Follow the promptings of the Spirit to know the best ways for your group to share principles from the videos. Below are some suggested ideas to get started.

With any of the options, you could have individuals take a video or photo of themselves or of your group doing the activity and post it to a social media page. You could also send it to the LDS Youth Facebook page or Instagram. Use the hashtag #PrinceofPeace.

  • Go Public: Divide into pairs and go somewhere public like a park or other high-traffic area and have a discussion, share testimony, or share the video about one of the principles of peace. Come back at the end and discuss your experiences and what you learned. You may even present awards (most people contacted, most meaningful experience, craziest story, and so on).
  • Peace Fair: Set up stations for each of the eight principles and have youth prepare to share the accompanying video on that principle or a creative presentation (for example a skit, game, song, and so on) that shows how that principle can bless their lives. Rotate every 5–10 minutes. At each station, you might also invite youth to take a moment and write one way they can better apply that principle in their lives. (For smaller units, this could also be done as a ward, branch, or stake activity.)
  • Serve: Plan and carry out a group service project focused on one or more of the principles. Or divide the principles among group members and have individuals or small groups plan an act of service to perform. After you complete the service, return and share your experiences. (For smaller units, this could also be done as a ward, branch, or stake activity.)
  • Peace Party: Host a community open house to share principles found in the videos through a presentation, program, or discussion. You may also consider highlighting a person in your community who has exemplified these principles.
  • Share Peace: Discuss simple ways to share the gospel online and then work together as a group to create and share a message with others online (for example, sharing one of the provided videos; making and sharing your own video, photo, or meme; or changing your wall or profile picture to an image of the Savior or one that promotes a principle of peace). When possible, share what you’ve created with specific individuals you feel could be strengthened by it. Follow up the next Sunday or at the next activity to share how the posts were received.

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