Mini mission


Experience what mission service is like and improve gospel study habits.


Put the youth in companionships of the same gender, and give each companionship a “mission call” to serve somewhere in the world. Have each companionship study a lesson from Preach My Gospel and prepare to teach it to a family in the ward. Arrange with members of the ward for a companionship to come to their home, eat dinner, and teach a lesson as if the family were not members of the Church. As a part of this activity, youth could live many of the missionary rules for a week (such as waking up at 6:30, studying the scriptures for an hour a day, limiting use of media, and so on). Youth could also learn about the culture, climate, and other qualities of the area they are assigned to. Consider involving the bishop in this activity to teach youth about the requirements for full-time mission service, how to submit a mission application, and so on.

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