Church tours

  • Missionaries greeting a group of people


Help the missionaries give tours of the local Church building.


Plan an activity with the missionaries where you invite less-active members and friends not of our faith to take a tour of the Church building. The missionaries should be in charge of giving the tour. Tours often begin in the foyer, where participants gather for an opening prayer. Then the missionaries lead the group to the baptismal font (if your chapel has one) and explain about our need for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. They may take time to point out the artwork around the building, and they may use this artwork to teach about the restored gospel. Tours often end in the chapel by the sacrament table, where the missionaries teach about the sacrament and our need to make and renew covenants with God. Depending on the guidance of the Spirit and the circumstances of the tour, the missionaries may extend invitations to learn more about the gospel, attend church, or be baptized.

Throughout the tour, you will be invited to bear testimony of gospel principles. You can prepare for this experience by studying topics such as the Atonement of Jesus Christ, the Restoration of the gospel, the sacrament, and baptism. You could also prepare by asking the missionaries to give you a tour before you invite others to participate.

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