Bring the Book of Mormon to life

  • Two girls reading the Book of Mormon


Learn how to read the Book of Mormon with someone who may have difficulty understanding it.


Have each youth identify someone they could read the Book of Mormon with who may have difficulty understanding it (such as a younger brother or sister or a friend who may have never read it). Invite them to set up a specific time each week to read together. To help the youth prepare for this activity, give them time to practice in pairs. Guide them as they role-play helping each other understand the storyline, difficult words and phrases, and doctrinal truths contained in the verses they read (see Preach My Gospel, 110–11). Encourage them to do the same when they read with the person they identified.

Invite the youth to come together after about a month of doing this, and have a discussion about what they learned and what they can do to better prepare themselves to help others understand the Book of Mormon.

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