I follow Jesus Christ

  • Youth in class


Practice answering questions about the gospel by sharing how we follow Jesus Christ.


Invite the youth to come up with several questions that they hear about their beliefs or the Church. Divide the youth into several small groups, and give them each a question. Invite the youth to read the question, look up scriptures in which the Savior or His prophets teach principles related to the issue or question, and prepare answers to share with the entire group by following a format like the one below:

  1. Our question is ________________________________________________.
  2. The Savior taught _______________ (read a scripture and explain what it means).
  3. In my life, I have found that _____________ (share personal experiences living this principle).


  1. Our question is: Why don’t you drink coffee?
  2. The Savior taught through His Apostle Paul that our body is a temple, and that we should treat it that way (read 1 Corinthians 6:19). For me, this means not taking things into my body that are harmful to it. Coffee is one of those things. The Savior has revealed a code of health to the Church called the Word of Wisdom, which also teaches us to avoid drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.
  3. In my life, I have found great blessings as I have tried to follow the Savior in keeping my body like a temple (share a personal experience or testimony).

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