Lines of communication

  • Lines of Communication activity


Develop communication and leadership skills.


Create teams of four, and blindfold each youth. Give each team a long rope tied in a loop, and give them 30 seconds to form a square with their rope without speaking to each other (or have them accomplish a different task that requires teamwork). What challenges did they face making a square?

Let them try again, but this time let one member of each group take his or her blindfold off (still, no one is allowed to speak). How was their experience different this time?

Let them try a third time, and allow the person who is not blindfolded to talk. How was the experience different this time? Discuss the importance of vision (perspective, foresight) and communication in leadership. What does this activity teach the youth about the role of prophets, seers, and revelators?

Finally, repeat the exercise, this time allowing all members of each group to see and speak. How did they feel now that they were all able to see and contribute to the solution? How does this activity apply to the way quorums and classes should work together?

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