Hastening the Work of Salvation

A Unified Effort in Conversion, Retention, and Activation

Ward Councils and Ward Mission Leaders

Under the direction of the bishop, ward council members fully engage to help each investigator and new or returning member progress. The ward mission leader directs and coordinates these efforts with the full-time missionaries.

Preparing Families to Make Covenants—Ward Councils


Preparing Families to Make Covenants—Ward Councils

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Helping Recent Converts Progress Ward Councils

New and Returning Member Progress Ward Councils

United as Members and Missionaries Ward Councils

Working Together: The Kane Family Ward Councils

Missionary Work in the Young Single Adult Committee Ward Councils

Seek and Ye Shall Find Ward Mission Leaders

Serving in the Ward Mission Ward Mission Leaders

Inviting All to Come unto Christ Ward Mission Leaders

The Ward Mission Leader in the Work of Salvation Ward Mission Leaders