Hastening the Work of Salvation

A Unified Effort in Conversion, Retention, and Activation

Suggestions for Saturday Evening Adult Session
of Stake Conferences

Hastening the Work of Salvation through the Faith, Prayers, and Efforts of Individual Members, Their Families, and Full-Time Missionaries

As described in the First Presidency letter of October 1, 2013, the Saturday evening adult session of stake conferences is to be devoted to emphasizing the importance of the work of salvation. The meeting should focus specifically on the need to share the gospel and to build unified and effective relationships among leaders, members, and full-time missionaries.

  • The presiding authority may invite others to speak or lead discussions—including stake, ward, and mission leaders; members; and missionaries.
  • Leaders, members, and full-time missionaries should be taught the essential responsibility each has in working together in finding, conversion, retention, and activation and in the other vital aspects of the work of salvation (see Handbook 2, chapter 5 and Hastening the Work of Salvation).

  • The meeting could include the following topics suggested by the First Presidency. With each topic is a video that may be used for teaching stake members:


Introduce the purpose, principles, and uses of the new Church website, Hastening the Work of Salvation.

Teach the joy of inviting others to “come and see” who we are in our homes, at church, on Mormon.org, discovering family history, etc.

Encourage members to broaden their associations beyond those who are already members—to investigators, new members, and less-active members.

Strengthen ward council members’ commitment to providing missionaries more teaching appointments by identifying individuals and families for the missionaries to teach.

Highlight the role of the ward mission leader in coordinating the efforts of the ward council with ward and full-time missionaries.

Emphasize that much of our best work will be done outside of meetings: teaching with missionaries, visiting members’ homes, seeking after “the one.”