Welfare Resources

Find resources on a variety of topics and issues that you may encounter as a Church leader. Find suggestions for understanding the member’s situation and needs as well as resources for providing solutions.

Welfare Principles Training


Counseling Resources

(For ward and stake council members)

Gospel Topics

Abuse: Help for the Victim

Abuse: Help for the Offender



Bishops’ Storehouse/Commodities






Emergency Preparedness



Family Finances

Fasting and Fast Offerings

Food Storage




Marital Conflict


Mental Health


Missionaries Who Return Home Early


Overcoming Pornography


Same-Sex Attraction


Single Expectant Parents


Spouses of Pornography Users




Training and Materials

Worldwide Leadership Training

View the most recent training broadcast and the archives of past training broadcasts. They include the 2009 Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting: Basic Principles of Welfare and Self-Reliance, which provided training for priesthood leaders and Relief Society presidencies on basic principles of welfare and self-reliance.