Part-Time Service Opportunities

Part-time service opportunities are part of the Church-service missionary program. 

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    View all Church-service missionary (part-time) opportunities. Find opportunities to serve away from home, close to home, or in your home.

  • Recommendation Form

    Fill out this form with your priesthood leader to apply for a Church-service mission opportunity.

    Church-Service Missionary Stories (Videos)

    Watch videos to learn about the search tool, Church-service missions, and specific featured opportunities.

    Role Descriptions

    Role descriptions are intended to help priesthood leaders and others gain a better understanding of the purpose, duties, responsibilities, knowledge, and skills related to Church-service missionary postings and coordination assignments.

    Church-Service Missionary Group on LinkedIn

    Meet, network with, and talk to members who are current or past Church-service missionaries. Join the “LDS Church-Service Missionaries — Past, Present, and Future” group on the LinkedIn social network today.

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