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Opportunity Description

As a Record Preservation Missionary, you will work with record custodians at churches, county court houses, state archives or even national archives to identify, organize, and capture images of records using digital camera equipment. As a result of your dedicated service, these records will become available on

Who Can Serve: Full-time Missionary (12-23 months)


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  • Self-Motivated
  • Computer Skills – Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office
  • Familiar with genealogical records a plus, not required

Missionary Experience


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Read about the experience missionaries are having as they make a lasting impact:

“It is a joy to know that we are giving people access to vital records so that they can comply with divine directives to search out their kindred dead and do the ordinances that will set them free to pursue their eternal destiny.

This is our fourth records preservation mission.  On our first mission we pioneered digital photography of records in Victoria Australia.  There we digitized wills.  The wills were stored in boxes.  They were tightly folded and were put together with staples, rivets, and ribbons.  Prior to photography they had to be carefully unfolded.  The rivets, staples, and screws had to be carefully removed which consumed considerable time. Then the unfolded records had to be pressed flat under glass and weights.  The stakes came to our assistance by calling volunteers to do the records preparation.  We had 5 volunteers.  Somehow the right boxes fell into the hands of the right volunteers who discovered their grandparents' wills in their boxes.  One found a child of her grandfather that she did not know about. Another knew of a child by a grandparent, but did not know the name.  She found the will that named the child.  Coincidence?  Or were angels in charge of who got what box?

I submit that in Heaven, wealth is measured in terms of human relationships.  We build personal eternal wealth by taking the dead through the temple ordinances.  Those dead souls become our friends in eternal bonds of friendship.  This whole effort from the preservation of records to the end product of temple ordinances is a great eternal wealth building effort for all concerned. Human relationships are the treasures that thieves cannot steal and that moths cannot corrupt.” 
--Elder and Sister Lombardi