LDS Volunteers, Welcome to Create!


LDS Volunteers, Welcome to Create!

Interested in volunteering your photography skills in service to the Church? Professional and highly skilled amateur photographers are invited to help meet the Church’s need for high-quality photos by submitting photos the Church can use. If you would like a service activity that helps build the Lord’s kingdom using your talents, this site will help you learn how. 

Photos you share may be used by Church designers for products and may also be available for members on the LDS Media Library to download and use for lessons, family home evenings, blogs, and other noncommercial, gospel-sharing efforts.

Another way to serve as a volunteer is to help add search word tags to photos that are being submitted by LDS volunteer photographers or that the Church already has. Your service helps make these photos easier to find so that they can be used in Church products. 

This is a great activity you can do at home or as a ward service activity for adults. It’s a great way to serve when you are looking for something to fill your time on the Sabbath and during the week. You can help for a few minutes or for as long as you want.


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