What to Submit

Please submit only high-quality photos. Poor or average-quality photos will not be usable.

For ideas on what to submit, take a look at the list of photo needs.

Submit photos you are willing to allow the Church and Church members to use.

How to Submit

Submit your photos through Helping in the Vineyard, the online Church site for volunteer efforts.

The first time you use the Vineyard, you will need to sign up for an LDS Account. Once you have an LDS Account set up, logging in to the Vineyard and submitting photos will be much faster.

To submit your photos:
  1. Go to Helping in the Vineyard.

  2. Sign in with your LDS Account user name and password.

  3. Select the Activities tab and then select Contribute Photos.

  4. Click on Start Activity.

  5. Upload your photos.

  6. Once your photos have been uploaded, moderators will review your photos for quality as well as copyright and intellectual property issues.

  7. You can view the status of your submitted photos in the Submitted Photos tab, under the Contribute Photos activity.

Photo Standards

Please review the photo standards before submitting.

Not All Photos Will Be Selected

Every photo is reviewed and either accepted or declined. Generally, photos are declined because of poor quality or because they do not reflect Church standards and values.

If your photos are not selected, please do not take it personally. Feel free to submit other high-quality photos.

Don't Forget the Releases!

You generally do not need a release for:

  • National or public parks.
  • Church-owned properties such as temples or visitors’ centers. However, you may need permission from the manager of some Church-owned properties.
  • Have questions? Please refer to the Photo FAQs.