Why are you asking members to submit photos?

To provide Church designers with a constant stream of new photos to use for products and websites. This effort will help create the LDS Media Library, a safe place for Church members to find photos that will help them share the gospel through Sunday lessons, websites, blogs, and family home evening lessons.

If I submit my own photos, do I still own the copyright?

Yes. You give the Church an unlimited license to use the photos and to share them with other members, but you keep the copyright to the photos and can do with them what you want. The only restriction is that you cannot sell an exclusive license to the photo to someone in a way that limits the rights of the Church to use the photos.

Is there a way to see where my photos have been used?

Currently, there is not a way to know where or how your photos are used in Church products. However, in the future we hope to be able to track where photos are used on Church websites and in Church publications.

Why is my personal information kept on record?

We keep a record of your information to have a consistent way to contact you. We may contact you regarding problems with picture uploading or to let you know that your pictures have been selected by designers to be used for a specific project. We may also need to contact you if there are any issues getting your photos cleared for use.

Will there be special requests for photos?

Yes. There may be times when the Church needs specific photos. When we do, we will list them with the immediate needs. If there are photos needed to fill a request, we hope that members, if they can make the time to help, will fill that need.

Will I be given credit for my work?

We understand why credit lines are important as you market your work. Having your name out in the public eye can advance your career. However, it is not the objective of the Church to promote individuals or businesses. Because of that, while your name will always be linked to photos you submit to the Church, and your name may, in some circumstances, be shown with the photo, there is no guarantee that a credit line will be displayed. There are many places, especially on web pages, where credit lines on all the images would distract from the message. And while it is true that the Church magazines currently display credit lines, that may not always be the case.

We are looking for photographers interested in helping the Church with the constantly increasing need for high-quality photos to include in products and projects. We are also working to create a Church media site that will be a safe resource of great photos available for use by the Church and its members. We understand that not everybody will be interested in contributing to this effort.

Why can't I sign a Creative Commons license used in other places on the Internet? Why do I have to sign an "unlimited" license?

A Creative Commons license is not usable because of the restrictions it places on the Church to always display a credit line. As mentioned above, because there are some places where credit lines will distract from the design of the product or web page, we cannot guarantee to always display a credit line.

Can I submit photos depicting Jesus Christ?

No. Because of the sacred nature of such images, when there is a need, the Church will take those photos.

Can I submit photos someone else has taken?

No. Submit only photos that you have personally taken. You will sign an agreement stating that you are the one who took and owns the copyright of the photo.

If I have pictures of people from a developing country who cannot sign their name on a release form, can I still submit the photos?

No. We need releases from every person in your photos. If you have this situation, please contact us so we can help you resolve it. If you have no other option, explain the form to the person, and have him or her put a mark on the release to indicate acceptance.

When do I need participant releases?

If there are recognizable people in your photos, you will need to have each person sign a participant release to use the image. If anybody in your photos is under 18 years old, you will need to get a parent to sign a release for the photo. The parent release is included in the participant release.

When do I need property releases?

Whenever you take photos of privately owned property and the property is easily recognizable, you will need to get a location release signed.

If I take a photo of myself, do I need to sign my own participant release?

Yes. We need a release from anyone in your photos.

What if I have pictures that include children under the age of 18?

If anyone in your photo is under 18 years old, you will need to get a parent to sign a participant release for the photo of the child.