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Get Involved

The Church needs high-quality photos from professional or highly skilled photographers. Photos you share will help build a library that Church designers and members can use to help spread the gospel. Share the gospel by sharing your talents.

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*Note: See Photo Standards.

Don’t Forget the Releases!

  • You need a signed participant release for photos with identifiable people in them.
  • You need a signed location release for recognizable locations, except for Church-owned properties such as temples or visitors' centers.

Submit Now

Submit your photos now through the Submit Photos page.

Moderators will review your photos for quality, as well as copyright and intellectual property issues. Not all photos will be accepted; please don't take it personally.

Monthly Webinar

Historical Photos

If your photographs are historical in nature, documenting the “manner of life, … faith, and works” of the Church and its members, contact the Church History Department at; or call 1-801-240-5696; or describe your donation at Gifts and Donations.