Family praying


Photo Needs

Given the number of items produced by the Church daily, the immediate photo needs may change often. There are some types of photos that are always needed. Most needed, however, are high-quality photos.

Below are some of the immediate and ongoing needs. For a complete list, look at the document LDS Church Photo Needs, which you can open and then save on your computer.

Immediate Needs

Temples (Exterior Photos) Needed
  • Caracas Venezuela
  • Ciudad Juarez Mexico
  • Cochabamba Bolivia
  • Colonia Juarez Mexico
  • Cordoba Argentina
  • Fukuoka Japan
  • Hermosillo Sonora Mexico
  • Manhattan New York
  • Memphis Tennessee
  • Montreal Quebec Canada
  • Santiago Chile
  • Taipei Taiwan
  • Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mexico
  • Veracruz Mexico
  • Villahermosa Mexico

Ongoing Needs

  • Photos of families, youth, and other individuals doing family history indexing. Details…
  • Photos of cub scouts, boy scouts, and leaders.
  • Music related photos with children, youth, or adults.
  • Photos with children, youth, and young single adults in all types of activities.
  • Members around the world living the gospel as individuals, families, in their callings, playing, working, and being together.
  • Families: We’re looking for families in natural-looking, non-posed settings.
  • Missionaries and missionary work.
  • Temples outside of Utah: For most Utah temples, we have plenty of photos.
  • Church history sites and visitors’ centers: We can use photos of both inside and out.
  • Photos that tell a story: Entertain those who will see your photos.
  • Concepts: Teach something.
  • Holiday and seasonal: We can use them all year round.
  • Objects: Submit almost anything.

See a complete list of: LDS Church Photo Needs.

What Is Not Needed?

  • Salt Lake Temple photos. We have more than enough.
  • Scenery, unless it is an amazingly great shot.
  • Photos that are poorly lit, generally taken on a cloudy day.
  • More than one photo of the same subject, unless they are of people in very different poses and high-quality.
  • Baby photos. We can use a few; hundreds are more than enough.
  • Out-of-focus shots. Look at them full-size before submitting them.
  • Flowers. Unless they are amazing shots, we have enough.
  • Couples kissing at the temple.
  • Hands with wedding rings or just wedding rings.
  • Posed family or wedding shots. These aren’t usable for this effort.
  • Pets.
  • Corporate signs or logos. Legally, we simply can't use them. Edit them out before sending the photos to us.
  • Overprocessed or extreme HDR photos. Extreme is not what we're looking for.
  • Photos out of an airplane window.
  • Shadows of people. Please don't send unless they "tell a story."