Church-Service Missionary Photographers

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In recent years, the Church has increased its need for photographs. Because of this high demand, Church-service missionary photographers from around the world are being called to serve from home. They help provide photos for use in Church magazines, websites, social media, displays, and projects to share the gospel and strengthen members.

As a missionary, your photographs may be used in all the forms of media used by the Church. Elder M. Russell Ballard reminded us that we can use our talents to share the gospel and “be a powerful force for good in the Church and in the world.”

Becoming a CSM Photographer

Step 1: Learn about the requirements.

Step 2: Analyze your photo quality.

Step 3: Submit 30 photos.

Step 4: Submit photo review request.

Step 1: Learn about the requirements


  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Choose to serve 12, 18, or 24 months
  • Serve a minimum of 8 hours per week
  • Use their own equipment
  • Serve from home; no travel is required
  • Must be temple worthy


  • Must be a professional or highly-skilled amateur photographer
  • Submit a weekly activity report
  • Attend or watch recordings of weekly online webinars
  • Volunteer for Church photo assignments and photo requests
  • Have access to the internet
  • If married, you can serve alone or with your spouse

Step 2: Analyze your photo quality

Watch each of these videos to see the type of high-quality photos needed.

While photos to share with family and friends don’t need to be the best, the Church needs high-quality photos usable in all types of publications.

Do your photos meet or exceed the quality of the photos in the examples? They should be just as high quality in focus, lighting, and composition. If so, continue on.

Not ready to be a CSM photographer? You can:

Step 3: Submit 30 photos

Submit photos in the categories listed below through

NOTE: If you specialize in one type of photo, like landscapes, you may submit 30 recent photos of that type to meet this requirement.

  • People—10 photos
    • Families—eating, fixing a meal, interacting, talking, working together
    • Individuals—praying; studying the scriptures; working on a phone, tablet, or computer; interacting; performing service or working
  • Temples, chapels, and cityscapes—5 photos
    • With or without people in the photos
    • Cityscapes
  • Objects—5 photos
    • Indoor and outdoor shots of everyday objects
  • Nature and landscapes—5 photos
    • No flowers, please
  • Your choice—5 photos
    • Your 5 favorite photos

IMPORTANT: These photos will be submitted for Church use. Get signed photo releases for pictures you submit of people. You keep the copyright to photos you submit.

Step 4: Submit photo review request

Complete the photo review request.

Your photos will be reviewed and you will be contacted within two weeks after they are submitted.

Thanks for your interest!