Restored Ordinances, Covenants, and Temples in Your Life

“Every woman and every man who makes covenants with God and keeps those covenants, and who participates worthily in priesthood ordinances, has direct access to the power of God. Those who are endowed in the house of the Lord receive a gift of God’s priesthood power by virtue of their covenant, along with a gift of knowledge to know how to draw upon that power.” —President Russell M. Nelson

The Restoration of Ordinances, Covenants, and Temples

The Sealing Power—Binding Families Forever

Covenants made in holy temples and faithfully observed will ensure family happiness eternally.

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Teachings of Apostles and Prophets on Ordinances and Covenants

“Covenant belonging centers in Jesus Christ as ‘mediator of the new covenant.’ All things can work together for our good when we are ‘sanctified in Christ … in the covenant of the Father.’” —Elder Gerrit W. Gong

Restored Ordinances, Covenants, and Temples in Your Life

“Everything in the temple points us to our Savior, Jesus Christ.” —Elder David A. Bednar

“Covenants—or binding promises between us and Heavenly Father—are essential for our eternal progression. Step by step, He tutors us to become like Him by enlisting us in His work.” —Sister Bonnie D. Parkin

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