Women Participate in the Work of the Priesthood


Elder M. Russell Ballard taught: “In our Heavenly Father’s great priesthood-endowed plan, men have the unique responsibility to administer the priesthood, but they are not the priesthood. Men and women have different but equally valued roles. Just as a woman cannot conceive a child without a man, so a man cannot fully exercise the power of the priesthood to establish an eternal family without a woman. In other words, in the eternal perspective, both the procreative power and the priesthood power are shared by husband and wife” (“This Is My Work and My Glory,” Apr. 2013 general conference).

Learning Id​ea

Study one or more of the following resources, and discuss how women are active participants in the work of the priesthood. How can you and your family ensure that men and women feel equally valued in their unique roles of priesthood service?

“The Example of a Righteous Woman,” 2013 Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting



“Families Are Strengthened by Keeping Covenants,” 2013 Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting



“Sweet Is the Work,” Daughters in My Kingdom



“Daughters of God,” Mormon Messages Video



Boyd K. Packer, “The Power of the Priesthood,” Apr. 2010 General Conference



“Top Mormon Women Leaders Provide Insights,” Interview with Ruth Todd


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