In Their Own Words

Individuals struggling with pornography share their success stories.

By LDS Family Services

Nothing can be more frightening than feeling out of control and powerless. Such are the feelings of those struggling with a pornography addiction. Nonetheless, peace and recovery are possible.

Listen to stories of individuals who have struggled with pornography and found the peace and success they so desperately sought.


  1. Manage Emotions, Express Feelings, and Build Friendships
    “The more I tried to stop, the more difficult it became to stop. I learned that there are many streams running into the river of pornography. As I slowed the stream flow, I could feel the Spirit more in my life. As I accepted myself and my emotions . . . [and] learned to let others in, I learned to let Christ in.”
  2. There Is HopeChange Is Possible
    “The addiction had robbed me of self-esteem, peace, and the close relationships I desired with God and my loved ones. I often worried that if people found out who I really was, they would no longer love me. With the help of my wife, bishop, loved ones, group and individual therapy, and, most importantly, the Savior, I have been able to climb out of what once seemed a never-ending hole of blackness.”