How do I repay my loan?

After your loan is approved and you start school, you will start making payments. These payments are greatly reduced while you are in school. To check your loan payment amounts, you can sign into the PEF student website. Each country offers different options for repayment to help you repay your loan.

Once you have graduated from school, you will begin making payments on your account balance. Depending on the length of your program and the amount of your loan, you should be able to pay back your loan, including interest, within five years.

If you are having financial difficulties, medical concerns, or other issues that are making your PEF repayments very difficult, you may qualify for a temporary loan restructure. Please contact your stake self-reliance specialist or your local area PEF office to learn more.

If you have moved from the country where you began your PEF loan, you will need to contact the area PEF office where you now live to have your account transferred. This will help your repayment process. 

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