How do I qualify for a PEF loan?

You will work together with your bishop or branch president to decide if you qualify for a PEF loan. You will need his endorsement to begin the application process. The three qualifications are worthy, needy, and determined.


Qualifying for a PEF loan starts with living the gospel and qualifying for and receiving a temple recommend (limited use recommends also apply).


PEF funds are sacred and are meant only for members with significant financial need.

Think about all your different sources of income (your own and your family’s) to pay for school. This can include grants and scholarships. If you need help learning different ways to pay for your education, see Education for Better Work, pages 95–116, or contact your stake self-reliance specialist or your local self-reliance center.


You will need to work hard, diligently study, and overcome challenges to graduate from your program, find a better job, pay back your loan, and become self-reliant.

Why you need to pay back your loan

Each time you make a loan repayment, you create the opportunity for someone else to become self-reliant through education. Your honesty in returning the funds you borrowed will bless your life, your family, and the lives of those who follow you.

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