Taking Personal Responsibility

One of the greatest gifts our Father in Heaven has given to each of us is the power to choose. Making correct choices is all about taking personal responsibility for our actions. And that sometimes requires humility. We need to occasionally spend time asking ourselves if we are sufficiently humble, and then we need to ask our Heavenly Father which choices will be best for us. When we rely on Him to help us make choices, we are blessed with extra insights. And when we follow the direction He gives us, we are strengthened in our efforts and in our faith.

Here are ways you can more effectively take responsibility for your choices:

As you strive to take personal responsibility for your choices, these four guidelines will help you:

At the end of the day, ask yourself this question: “What could I have done better today?” President Henry B. Eyring has kept a daily journal his whole life that mostly records spiritual directions and ways he wants to improve in his life. When we reread our thoughts from the past, we are reminded of how the Lord has blessed us, we recognize lessons we have learned, and we see our progress.

There is one last aspect of personal responsibility that is miraculous—it leads to a deeper sense of happiness. This works in a seemingly counterintuitive way. When we take responsibility for our actions in a righteous way, we surrender our will to God. By recognizing that He is in charge, we are more willing to move on from our failures, learn the lessons we are supposed to, and be content—even in the face of challenges.