Self-Reliance Principle 12: Stay on Task, Receive Ordinances

In a world full of distractions, a little quiet time is good for the soul. Starting your morning with prayer and scripture study can open you up to promptings from the Holy Ghost and keep you calm so that you can stay on task.

Here are a few tips for making your day more productive. Hint: It starts with your morning:

When you are doing all you can to manage your temporal life, the Lord will bless you with time to think about your spiritual life. The Lord counseled the early Saints to be organized as they were building the Kirtland Temple so that they could fully enjoy the blessings of the temple:

When your day is organized, you can more easily focus on the promises you made in the temple. One of the ways we focus on those promises is by attending the temple regularly when we can.

President Boyd K. Packer promised:

Make time to go to the temple regularly. As you make it a priority, the Lord will make your needs a priority.

Pioneer Sarah Rich, wife of Charles C. Rich, wrote in her journal after leaving Nauvoo:

In many ways, we are all pioneers, moving forward through uncertainty and trusting the Lord. That trust is made stronger when we attend the temple and keep our hearts open to the blessings we receive there.