Self-Reliance Principle 10: Show Integrity

What is integrity?

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin gave us a succinct definition:

We worship weekly and renew our covenants when we partake of the sacrament, repenting of any sins we have committed during the week. But if we aren’t carefully examining our lives and making steps to improve, then we repeat the same mistakes over and over. It takes personal integrity in order to progress.

How do we develop integrity?

In his book The Integrity Chain (2007), Dr. Ralph James lists ways to build integrity:

One of the most powerful examples of integrity is Hyrum Smith, older brother to the Prophet Joseph Smith. Unlike the older brothers of Nephi (Laman and Lemuel), who were always resisting their younger brother’s counsel and even tried to kill him, Hyrum was faithful to his younger brother. He humbly followed Joseph’s counsel, served many missions, and rallied the Saints to build both the Kirtland Temple and the Nauvoo Temple. When a difficult task needed to be done in the Church, Hyrum could always be trusted to accomplish it. Hyrum was always at his brother’s side, even in death. Speaking to his brother, the Prophet Joseph said:

In an article for, Amy Rees Anderson said:

Integrity is contagious. When we live according to its principles, others catch on—especially our families. One of the greatest blessings we can give them is to live a life of integrity and teach them to develop it too. In Proverbs, we read: