Self-Reliance Principle 11: Seek Learning and Education

According to Kiplinger, the best jobs in the future will be in health care and technology. That’s not to say that other industries won’t be valuable as well, but knowing the trends of the future can help you plan for growth in your current career or inspire you to obtain training in a career that will offer you more opportunities for advancement as well as personal growth.

Education is a worthwhile endeavor. As we learn in the Doctrine and Covenants,

You can receive education and learning in many different ways—from attending technical schools and universities and completing apprenticeships to participating in webinars and certification programs. You can also learn as part of the working process: many jobs offer extended on-the-job training and opportunities to progress.

If you are in school and haven’t decided which career direction is best for you, consider learning about different careers by job shadowing. Find someone in your network of friends and associates who is working in an industry you might be interested in. Ask to spend a few hours observing him or her at work. Investigate a number of different careers.

In For the Strength of Youth, we learn:

One of the biggest mistakes students often make is choosing a career based on the salary it provides rather than matching their skill sets and talents to a particular industry. This can lead to future career frustration. A good place to start is with an assessment test. One option is to take the test offered on so that you can learn what your personality type is. This test just gives a general idea of your aptitudes and interests, but it will help you to start thinking about what job might be a good fit for you.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and his wife Sister Kristen M. Oaks have taught:

Remember that you are not alone in your efforts. Tell your family and close friends about your goals. Plan with them the best path you can take so that you maintain balance between work, family, and education.

President Henry B. Eyring has promised:

When we are doing all that we can to be worthy of the Holy Ghost, we will receive His guidance. When we work hard to improve and remain worthy, we are entitled to promptings that we may not understand at first but that will lead us one step at a time toward decisions that improve our lives.

According to the Brookings Institute, “The United States is still recovering from the recession that began in 2008. Three million jobs are added annually, but wages remain low.” But the report ends with this encouraging information: “Helping students and workers obtain better skills and credentials while encouraging employers to improve job quality and wage levels will be high on the job market policy agenda.”

As you look carefully at your own attributes and interests, work hard to develop your talents, and pray for direction, the Lord will bless you and your future will be bright!